Finally got the ball rolling by adding the first design... feels good to break the seal!


I have started so many projects all at once it has been hard to keep track of where I am and what to work on next. Today, though, I thought... you know what before I do anything else I better make a design like I said I was going to do. Try to do one design a day. So, I did it... and it was a lot more work than I expected. But, I'm hoping as I get used to doing it I will get faster at it. The design part isn't the problematic part. It's the sharing and getting the product page links all done and ready before I can even share. It's a pain in the butt! But, it is what it is. I'm guessing I'll get better at it as I do it more.

I'm considering not using CafePress anymore for this because it takes up a huge amount of time. But, it's also a revenue stream. They're website is just so tedious to get one design up and loaded compared to SpreadShirt. We'll see. I'm gonna keep using CafePress for now and see if I get faster or if it wears me out completely. I have bought a lot of products from them and they are really nice quality so I really hate to quit using them. If they could just take some notes from how SpreadShirt is doing things.

But, yeah anyway... I broke the seal and got the first actual design added here and I plan to do another one tomorrow with my coffee. I find it kind of exciting that I go into it not really having any plan for the design and just let me poking around at the Internet inspire me to make something happen. Not even I know what is going to come out each day haha.

I even got Instagram and Twitter updated and they look nice having some actual content and not just a barren wasteland that, yeah, why would anyone want to follow them. I'm not going to promote them very hard until they have more content. I'll just keep silently adding to them until people start to pay attention. Maybe they never will... maybe they will. We shall see! I know one thing, no one will ever look if I never do anything. Gotta keep that ball rolling.

Website Update

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